Bastiat The Law

This course presents Fredrick Bastiat’s essay The Law. This influential work is must for every student of liberty. It clearly lays out the proper role of government and reflects the thoughts of America’s founders.

Part 1

Part 2



The Pursuit of Happiness

 The Declaration of Independence declares that every person is guaranteed certain inalienable rights given to us by our Creator. Among these rights is the right to “Pursue Happiness,” but what does that phrase mean? We don’t have to guess at it’s meaning as it is well documented.

This class is the study of the origin and application of the phrase as intended by the founders who wrote it and the founders who signed that document.



State Sovereignty

Most Americans will agree that the federal government is bloated and out of control.  Most Americans also feel overwhelmed and powerless in the challenge to fix this.  Our State Sovereignty course will empower you with the solution to control and correct the federal government’s operations.  Why has this solution been ignored and hidden from the American people for decades?  Because this is the solution our founders put in place.  This is the solution that will work!

Course Video Lessons

When and How the States Were Established

  1. What Does it Mean to be a State
  2. Independent Free Sovereign Government
  3. What is the Nature of our Constitution
  4. The Federal Government is a Creation of the States
  5. Powers Reserved and Powers Delegated
  6. Delegate Doesn’t Mean Surrender
  7. The Term Reserved
  8. How Does the State InterposeArguments Against Nullification
  9. FinalThoughts on Nullification
  10. Final Thoughts

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Intro. to the Declaration of Independence

The Declaration of Independence is the Sixth liberty charter in the long history of British law. It catalogues the grievances of the colonists and lay out the principles upon which they separate from Great Britain. It is rooted in the principle of sovereignty – that no one is naturally the ruler of another.

This principle is at the heart of individual liberty. Walk through this foundational document and learn the precise foundation that was laid for our future. See that the singular principle of liberty permeated all of our founders’ motivations. Arm yourself with the truth that you need to counter the dispersion’s about our Republic’s origins. To get immediate access to this course join Liberty First University by clicking on the “enroll” button.

Course Video Lessons

  1. Introduction to the Declaration of Independence
  2. Meet James Otis Jr.
  3. James Otis Jr. Leads the Way
  4. The Coercive Arts
  5. Governor Gage, Penelope Barker & List of Grievances

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Genealogy of the Constitution

Would you believe that the Declaration of Independence and Bill of Rights did not originate with America’s founders? Do want to defeat the argument that our Constitution is irrelevant because the founders could not envision the modern world? This is the course for you!

Learn the truth about where our founding documents originated. Discover the historical context of every single principle in our founding documents.This is the 1st course in the Liberty First University curriculum and is required for all students. Learn the history of our Constitution going back to the year 1100 and understand that our Constitution is not an invention, it is our inheritance.

Course Video Lessons

  1. The Five Liberty Charters
  2. From Athelred to William II
  3. The 1100 Charter of Liberties
  4. King John, 1215 Magna Carta, King Charles 1
  5. Petition of Rights, Grand Remonstrance, English Bill of Rights, Declaration of Independence

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The Morality of Resistance

Learn how to combat the false narrative that it is wrong to resist tyrannical authority. Discover why resistance and non-compliance is a moral obligation. Get the knowledge you need to defeat the argument of slavish submission to lawless government. To get access to this course join Liberty First University by clicking on the Enroll button below.

Course Video Lessons

  1. Introduction to the Morality of Resistance
  2. Obey God, Rather than Men – Gods Response
  3. Mother of Moses & Rahab
  4. The Example of Daniel-Part 1
  5. The Example of Daniel-Part 2
  6. The Great Commandments
  7. Believers Relationship to Government
  8. Gods Involvement in Government
  9. Final Thoughts

The Morality of Resistance does not include a workbook.


The Origins of Liberty

Laws and policies in America have been driven by special interests and partisan gamesmanship for way too long.  The American education system completely ignores the origin and value of  the principles that created and maintain Liberty in America.  How can we defend our Rights when many Americans have no understanding of where they come from nor their value?

The Origins of Liberty will lay an essential foundation for every single principle embodied within the Constitution so that you will never be led astray again.

Course Video Lessons

  1. Introduction to Liberty – Part 1
  2. Introduction to Liberty – Part 2
  3. Liberty is a Gift of God
  4. Liberty Must Be Guarded
  5. Virtue and Knowledge
  6. A Mark of Good Government
  7. The Next Generation

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