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Intro To Socialism

A brief introduction to Socialism and some of the networks and actors driving the socialist scheme in America. BLM, ANTIFA, The World Economic Forum and numerous global corporatists are all pushing the socialist one-world agenda. This will give you a quick primer to prepare you to go deeper into the history and working of socialism affecting us all today.



Catalog of Courses

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Constitutional Foundations

1. Origins of Liberty
2. Bastiat The Law
3. The Individual v. the Collective
4. The Rule of Law

5.  Federal Supremacy
6.  Property Rights
7.  Right to Alter or Abolish
8.  Morality of Resistance

9. Origins of the Constitution
10.  Articles of Confederation
11.  The Declaration of Independence
12.  The Preamble

13.  The Pursuit of Happiness
14.  State Sovereignty
15.  Separation of Powers
16. Political Parties

 The Three Branches

Article 1
1. Intro to Legislative Authority
2. Duty of House
3. Power of the Purse
4. Role of the Senate
5. Delegated Authority

Article 2
1. Intro. President v. King
2. Qualifications
3. Electoral College
4. Twelfth Amendment
5. Unconstititutional Powers
 Article 3
1. Intro. to the Judiciary
2. Courts
3. Judicial Review
Article 4
1. Instructions to the States

 Article 5
1. Article 5, Part 1
2. Article 5 Part 2
Article 6
1. Supremacy Clause

 Bill of Rights and Amendments

1. The Great Debate

First Amendment 
1. Speech and Press
2. Protest and Assembly, Riot
3. Religious Liberty
4. Petition
Second Amendment
1. 2a Exposition

2. America Disarmed
3. Militia
Third Amendment
1. History and Abuses of Quatering
Fourth Amendment
1. 4th Exposition
2. Civil Asset Forfeiture
3. Immunity

Amendments 5-8
1. Criminal Process
2. Due Process – Eminent Domain
3. Jury Nullification
4. Regulatory Authority-Admin. Law
Amendments 9-10
1. Delegate v. Reserved Powers 

 Fourteenth Amendment
1. Understanding the 14th Amend.
Sixteenth Amendment
1. Taxation and Constitution
Seventeenth Amendment
1. Direct Appointment, Auto Recall and Term Limits
Ninetheenth Amendment
1. History of Women Voting in America

Three Clauses
Priveleges and Immunities

Founder’s Writings

1. Overview of Writings and Resources
2. Thoughts from Locke

3. Paine – The Crisis
4. Paine – Rights of Men

5. Select Federalists Papers
6. Select Antifederalist Papers

7. Selected Cato Letters
8. Important Letters

 American History

1. Presettlement England
2. Settlement to Ratification

3. Politics and Principles of the War Between the States


4. Women in America
5. Patriots of Color

6. History of Slavery
7. Mercy Otis History

 Present Day Issues

History and Philosophy of Socialism
History of The American Education System
 Constitutional Sheriffs Training


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 Frederick Berry    Marshall, MO    

“I heard you speak in Marshall, MO and was mesmerized by your presentation, because it was so factual, coherent, and well presented. Thanks to the Missouri Chapter of the Concerned Women of America for bringing you back to Missouri for a few short hours–it will have a profound effect on my life from now on.” ~ 

The Genealogy of the Constitution

Would you believe that the Declaration of Independence and Bill of Rights did not originate with America’s founders? Do want to defeat the argument that our Constitution is irrelevant because the founders could not envision the modern world? This is the course for you!

Learn the truth about where our founding documents originated. Discover the historical context of every single principle in our founding documents.This is the 1st course in the Liberty First University curriculum and is required for all students. Learn the history of our Constitution going back to the year 1100 and understand that our Constitution is not an invention, it is our inheritance.

Course Video Lessons

  1. The Five Liberty Charters
  2. From Athelred to William II
  3. The 1100 Charter of Liberties
  4. King John, 1215 Magna Carta, King Charles 1
  5. Petition of Rights, Grand Remonstrance, English Bill of Rights, Declaration of Independence

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