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Intro. to the Judiciary

The Judicial Branch is one third of the Federal government. The federal government is defined and delegated its enumerated powers by the states through the Constitution, in Article III. The Judiciary as a part of the federal government has no authority to expand the power of the federal government. The expansion of the federal government […]

Unconstitutional Powers

When Americans ask questions like “Can the president do…?” “Can the House, Senate, or Supreme Court do…?” the first sources that must be consulted are the Constitution and the people who drafted it. If the Constitution provides no authority for the activity, then the power does not Constitutionally reside in the hands the federal government. […]

The Pursuit of Happiness

 The Declaration of Independence declares that every person is guaranteed certain inalienable rights given to us by our Creator. Among these rights is the right to “Pursue Happiness,” but what does that phrase mean? We don’t have to guess at it’s meaning as it is well documented. This class is the study of the origin […]

Introduction to the Declaration of Independence

The Declaration of Independence is the Sixth liberty charter in the long history of British law. It catalogues the grievances of the colonists and lay out the principles upon which they separate from Great Britain. It is rooted in the principle of sovereignty – that no one is naturally the ruler of another. This principle […]

The Great Debate

Did you know that there were two factions representing two different points of view regarding the virtues and necessity of including the Bill of Rights in the Constitution? Some founders thought it imperative and some thought it to be dangerous to include the Bill of Rights. You cannot understand the Constitution with only one side […]

The Power of the Purse

Do you believe that the federal government is bloated and out of control?  Do you believe that trillions of dollars of federal debt is immoral and ought to be illegal?  Our Power of the Purse course will teach you the mechanisms the framers intended to LIMIT federal spending.  You will know WHO is in control […]

The Morality of Resistance

Learn how to combat the false narrative that it is wrong to resist tyrannical authority. Discover why resistance and non-compliance is a moral obligation. Get the knowledge you need to defeat the argument of slavish submission to lawless government. To get access to this course join Liberty First University by clicking on the Enroll button […]

History of Slavery

Very few things evoke more emotion than the topic of slavery in America.  But did you know founders of the Constitution were overwhelmingly AGAINST slavery? History shows us that abolishing slavery was one of the biggest factors in battle for independence from Great Britain and the drafting of our Constitution. Politicians, Pundits and Public Schools […]

State Sovereignty

Most Americans will agree that the federal government is bloated and out of control.  Most Americans also feel overwhelmed and powerless in the challenge to fix this.  Our State Sovereignty course will empower you with the solution to control and correct the federal government’s operations.  Why has this solution been ignored and hidden from the […]

Intro. President v. King

Do you know we have hundreds of unauthorized agencies operating through the executive branch?  Did you know that most of the things that presidential candidates promise to do and most of the things Americans expect the president to do are not even authorized powers of the executive in the Constitution? Let’s begin to remedy a […]