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America Disarmed

Learn about the foundations of the Second and Fourth Amendments through this stunning presentation of history outlining the events leading to one governor disarming one city in 1774. See with your own eyes how those events parallel the current events of the 21st century. Does history repeat? You will have no doubts to the answer […]

Taxation and the Constitution

This course will help you better understand how federal expenses were to be met, who was responsible for paying them and why. believe you will learn some unexpected lessons in this course and you will come away with a deeper understanding of the purpose of the drafters of the Constitution as a whole Course Video […]

More Than Victims Americas Black-Heritage

William Cooper Nell’s work The Colored Patriots of the American Revolution was previously used as a textbook as a standard part of the American education system. This presentation by JC Hall shares the history of the black founding fathers and mothers who helped make America great. Black Americans, once severed from their history can be […]

Riot v. Protest

The conflating of the terms “riot” and “protest” by Americans, media, and politicians is having a disastrous effect on the Liberty of all Americans. This course will teach you the difference between these terms and the necessity for maintaining this clarity. It is not only important to know the difference, but we must be confident […]

General Welfare and Commerce Clauses

The General Welfare & Commerce Clauses are two of the most abused portions of the Constitution; used to expand federal power beyond the limited and defined scope delegated through the Constitution. Learn what the writers of the Constitution had to say about these clauses and the discussions they had about the limits of federal power.

The Origins of Liberty

Laws and policies in America have been driven by special interests and partisan gamesmanship for way too long.  The American education system completely ignores the origin and value of  the principles that created and maintain Liberty in America.  How can we defend our Rights when many Americans have no understanding of where they come from […]

Catalog of Courses

Take our free course here! Please click on the linked titles to see a brief description  of each course. (Linked titles are current, unlinked titles will be added soon) Constitutional Foundations 1. Origins of Liberty2. Bastiat The Law3. The Individual v. the Collective4. The Rule of Law 5.  Federal Supremacy6.  Property Rights7.  Right to Alter […]