How to Navigate the Courses

The site uses a system of graphical menus organized into course categories and course titles. Here is how to proceed:


This will take you to the Overall COURSE CATEGORIES  as shown below.

Start with the first CATEGORY to the left, CONSTITUTIONAL FOUNDATIONS

This reveals all of the courses inside the CONSTITUTIONAL FOUNDATIONS Category.

Again, start at the upper left with the first course in this category, AMERICAN GOVERNMENT PRIMER.

You will now be inside the first course, where you will find the video lessons along with any supplemental links and tests.

To the FAR RIGHT of this screen, you will see an ARROW that will take you to the next course in sequence. Once you complete a course, simply click the ARROW to the right and this will take you in sequence through the entire curriculum.  (There is also a LEFT ARROW to go back).

NOTE: From time to time new courses are added.

These new additions and in which CATEGORY they may be located will be announced on the MAIN MENU.

You can click any category graphic on the MAIN MENU to go directly to the course within that category.

Do You Offer Certificates or Diplomas?

Liberty First University Does Not Offer Diplomas. Certification Is Available For Those Who Desire To Teach LFU Classes Only. LFU Is Currently Obtaining Accreditation For Individual Classes. Accreditation Will Be Posted As Available.

How Often are New Classes Offered?

We create and publish two new classes every month. We are committed to creating the most comprehensive platform for liberty loving patriots committed to their own comprehensive education.

Subscription Levels?

We have a variety of subscription levels available. There are levels for individuals, for classrooms (if you’re a teacher) as well as for students. Each of these are available in a variety of duration’s. Check out the enrollment page for full details.

Individual Class Units for Purchase?

At this time we don’t offer individual class units for purchase outside of the recurring subscription model. Alternatively a number of Liberty First University classes are available on DVD from our store at