Settlement to Ratification

America’s founders suffered through decades of a lawless and oppressive British government trampling the colonists’ rights. For much of that time, the colonists petitioned and pleaded with their government while remaining loyal to the crown. However, there came a time when their sight shifted to separation and independence, then finally armed conflict. Several major events contributed to the sentiment toward independence. Four of those events are covered in this course: The Regulators War in North Carolina, The Liberty Pole Skirmishes & The Battle on Golden Hill in New York, The Boston Massacre, and the Gaspee Affair in Rhode Island.

  1. Intro: Road to Revolution
  2. The Regulators War
  3. The Liberty Pole Skirmishes & The Battle of Golden Hill
  4. The Boston Massacre (Coming April 6)
  5. The Gaspee Affair (Coming April 13)

Includes two download “Regulators War” PDF “Golden Hill” PDF


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